Greetings and salutations,

I am Erik Neuman, a programmer from the mid-south part of sweden. Newly graudated from The Game Assembly, a top school in sweden in game development. I am interested in gameplay, AI & Tools.

I have been studying programming since high school and now I have been able to really hone my skills in programming at The Game Assembly whilst discovering my passion within game development. 

I enjoy reading, nature, being with the scouts, Traveling at the speed of sound with my bycicle to school everyday and of course playing all kinds of games.


Some of my favorite books include: Lord of the Rings, Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (the funniest book I've ever read) & the stormlight archive saga.

Favorite type of woods: Beech forest, it is simply too beatiful.

Favorite mountain: Helags, been there since childhood 10/10

Favorite Scout Camp: World scout Jamboree 2015, Japan

Helags, lovely mountain would recommend hiking there

Future books to read: I want to read the foundation trilogy & I am robot

Future mountain summit: Kebnekaise and perhaps one day walk the entire trail of Kungsleden.