Fall From Grace


Fall from grace is a side scrolling shoot 'em up inspired by games such as Ikaruga with its special enemy design where bullets have different "charges" that either damage the player or become absorbed depending on the player state. 

This was also our first game wholly in C++ and it was a blast to finally start working in the new language despite many of us being quite new to it. 

Main Responsibilities 

Player & Gameplay
I was mainly responsible for the player this project. Making him invurnerable to different colored bullets etc. I also created the parallax that can be seen whilst playing which was a challenge to make the images go seamlessly. 



Patrik Fridh
Elric Dagsberg
Erik Neuman
Mateusz Salaga
Zoe Thysell


Hugo Jansson
Elias Runelid
Lucas Åsaborn


Victor Ek
Emal Ghouse
Daniel Gryningstjerna

Level Design

Jonathan Mårtensson
Claudia Sjöbeck