Spite: Reckoning of Hunger


Spite is an adventure role-playing game inspired by the diablo games set in the mountains of tibet where demons are running amok. 

This was our first game in our own engine which we all developed ourselves.

Main Responsibilities 

Player & Gameplay
I was responsible for the player and the gameplay systems that revolved around it. We wanted the player & enemies to have very little difference between them, the main difference being just the controller that used the entity. 

I designed an abstract spellbook that could use different spells or abilities that both the player and enemies could use. So theoretically the enemies could use the player's abilities. 

I also decided to use a statemachine for the player as I deemed it the simplest way to let the player transition between doing different things such as attacking, walking etc.



Jesper Andersson
Ventus Andersson
Niklas Alquist
Kevin Fredin
Erik Neuman
Oskar Sönne
Molly Tandberg


Arvid Aspeborg
Hugo Jansson
Hugo Orantes Diaz


Elin Ekelöw
Kate Ekberg
Felicia Johansson
Falke Persson
Lowe Silverlyra

Level Design

Niklas Hagerman
Oliver Ringh
Claudia Sjöbeck

Techical Artist

Frida Petersén
Oskar Thölén