Odori is a top down puzzle game that we made in LBS Borås when studying game development in high school. 

This was our second game ever made and I am profoundly proud of the game. In a school competition between all LBS schools in sweden we managed to win best 3D graphics much thanks to our talented graphical artists. 

Main Responsibilities 

Puzzle Design
I was responsible for the overall puzzle designs helping shape the level as we went and introducing game mechanics to the player in a non-intrusive tutorial.

I was also responsible for most of the player's abilities and gameplay.

Gameplay & Vfx
I also worked with the gameplay in the game such as cannons and redirectors and the vfx for the cannonballs along with general post processing. 



Vidar Habacke
Erik Neuman
Jimmie Lassimmiemi


Tim Lyck
Joel Mörk
Anton Öst Melander
Sandra Pärnaste