Hungry House


Hungry House is a mobile puzzle game with catchy music and a cute cartoony artstyle.

This was our first attempt at making a game for a platform other than PC and this was project was one of my overall favorites with an amazing group that made it all the way to the finals in Swedish Game Awards & winning people's choice in The Rookies Awards.

Main Responsibilities 

I was responsible for the main gameplay loop such as platform connection, allowing frogs to be thrown between them. I also worked on gameplay feeling such as platforms rising smoothly when selected & showing the player what platforms and direction they could throw frogs in



Jesper Andersson
Benjamin Ek
Markus Hermelin
Ivar Jönsson
Erik Neuman
Samuel Rydberg


Tanya Bengtsson
Moa Bergman


David Bolin
Malin Fröjd
Daniel Gryningstjerna
Pernilla Sonne

Level Design

Elias Carlsson
Vanessa Grundström