XenoBiotica is a third person horror shooter inspired by the resident evil 2 remake

In this project we used another group's engine due to our group having no dedicated engine programmers. We used the LLL engine made by safety first so many thanks to them for allowing us to use their engine. 

Main Responsibilities 

Player & Gameplay
I was responsible for the player and the gameplay for this project, creating doors, camera and the player gameplay. 

For the player I  used a statemachine with states for moving, shooting etc. However I was faced with the problem of having some states that could run simultaneously, like aiming & shooting whilst walking and standing still. To solve this problem I decided to use two statemachines, a main and a substate. Now states can run at the same time, some states however could not run with any of the other substates, like running. So some of the main states would disable the update for the sub-statemachine. 



Jesper Andersson
Ventus Andersson
Niklas Alquist
Kevin Fredin
Erik Neuman
Oskar Sönne
Molly Tandberg


Arvid Aspeborg
Hugo Jansson
Hugo Orantes Diaz


Elin Ekelöw
Kate Ekberg
Felicia Johansson
Falke Persson
Lowe Silverlyra

Level Design

Niklas Hagerman
Oliver Ringh
Claudia Sjöbeck

Techical Artist

Frida Petersén
Oskar Thölén