Megalonom is a fun arcade game inspired by the game 'Pizza Possum' nominated to the swedish game awards for 'Best Art 2023'

You play as a hungry shark and your only goal is to eat as much as possible and wreak havoc on the local town and avoid the cops' desperate attempts to stop your gluttonous rampage

This game was also made in another group's engine; a unity inspired engine called 'Volt'. 

Main Responsibilities 

Player & Gameplay
I was yet again chiefly responsible for the player and gameplay. I designed player movement with a statemachine. The most interesting thing to program about the player was the 'fat' meter. Basically if you eat a lot of stuff really quickly you can get fat, which makes you visibly so and also a lot slower meaning you have to watch out to not eat too much too quickly when being chased. It was not too challenging to program, when eating a food I added the points to the fat meter and if it went too far you became fat. The player would also eat the foods that was queued to lower the fat meter, I added so that different foods could have different 'digestion times', basically it can different amounts of time to get rid of a food you ate from the fat meter. 

I also designed the level transition system and level save & respawn system. When transitioning between levels it would save which foods you ate in the last level and not spawn them in if you went back a level. The respawn system was pretty straightforward, the only hurdle was unlocking some areas when you reload the level. basically each level was within thre areas, these were locked by gates, and when you die you respawn at the previous area you unlocked. So if you unlocked area 3 and die you would spawn at area 2, I had to make sure that gates where unlocked in area 1 in this case. 



Jesper Andersson
Ventus Andersson
Niklas Alquist
Kevin Fredin
Erik Neuman
Oskar Sönne
Molly Tandberg


Arvid Aspeborg
Hugo Jansson
Hugo Orantes Diaz


Elin Ekelöw
Kate Ekberg
Felicia Johansson
Falke Persson
Lowe Silverlyra

Level Design

Niklas Hagerman
Oliver Ringh
Claudia Sjöbeck

Techical Artist

Frida Petersén
Oskar Thölén